Planwork Creation

Started in 2016, Planwork Creation is a company that runs differently from other ID firms. We like to think of ourselves as someone that can create changes or impact to the projects by us, matter it is big or small. To us, every detail matter. Our vision is to challenge the status quo in renovation.

Our beliefs:

– Do things differently. It may not mean to be better, but different. No one like their house design to be similar from their friends or relatives. In Singapore, most of us belongs to the group that require “love & belonging” & “esteem” needs according to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In renovation, most basic finishes no longer appeal to us. We need our house to look aesthetically nice and different from others to show our preference and personality. This is why it is important that we do things differently.

– Not a yes man.
Many times, we see sales interior designer or salesman who are desperate to clinch a deal saying yes to every request by the customers only to disappoint later when the promise cannot be fulfilled. Behind every answer, we will provide explanations to support our suggestions. We believe there is a reason for everything and every decision. The problem is when we are unable to explain why we choose certain things, we based on our hunch. Being a profession, it is our job to explain and suggest instead of using our hunch.

– Think out of the box.
Easier to say than done, think out of the box is what most people like to say. However, what does it takes to have such ability? Pure creativity may not be the only ingredient. To have this ability, one must have enough experience and exposure to various different works before one can really apply think out of the box to know if it works. One has to be daring and able to take risk as these implementations may fail. This is important as many times renovation require on the spot improvisation when encounter obstacles.

– Renovation is more than just a beautiful house.
We are all interested in aesthetic things around us. However, we often missed out those not so obvious parts like sustainability, durability and everlasting design. The renovation experience is also something people tends not to give too much thoughts about it. Rather than selling ourselves as someone who focus everything into creating visually aesthetic home, we also focus on other aspects of the renovation to make the whole experience much less time consuming, simplified and less stressful. Renovations by natural, is a long, tedious and stressful process. It involved numerous parties which is already tough, not mentioning that how incorporative can some contractors be making the coordination part more challenging. This is why every part of the process between the clients and contractors is important to us in order to make things happen.

With these beliefs, we hope to create a professional standard in our service together with quality finishes for our clients. We understand that every client has different needs. Some may only need basic work with coordination, where others need full consultation service on the design and coordination work. Nevertheless, we justify our rates based on the service required and provide our client value for money services and products.