1.What is you greatest concern before the renovation? Is the problem resolved?

Greatest concern was really regarding responsiveness and stability of the contractor. Before the renovation, have heard stories that contractor’s business close down in the midst of renovation or unresponsiveness. Given them we are at the end of a successful renovation, I give thumbs up for both aspect on your service. =)

2.What are the main factors when considering on renovation to you? Price, quality of work, design & coordination.

(In a total of 100%, distribute them to each factor below according to your priority. E.g. Price 40%, Quality of work 30%, etc.)

Price: 60%

Quality of work:10%

Design: 10%

Coordination: 20%

Coming from the angle of choosing a contractor for the renovation based on the above 4 factor: For me the the biggest factor is really price. On deciding to engaging your service, there wasn’t really any baseline on the quality of work or design. The decision making was based upon feedback from Leon, price and your turn-around for the initial quote. Obviously, Leon gave you good feedback. Lastly, your turn-around for providing the initial quote was 1-2 days. The other contractors came back more than 7 days later with the initial quote.

3.Which part of the renovation work you like most? Any reason?

I think the kitchen cabinet area turn up pretty well, didn’t have much re-work there.

4.If you will to recommend us to someone else, what will be the main reason?

Based upon price and your responsiveness to requests.

5.Any part of the project you feel that can be better improved on? (you may list more than one)

My 2cents: During the planning stage, if you could provide photos of existing renovation, it is easier for the owner to visualise. For example, when discussing the bottom ledge part of the toilet PD-door, the top-sliding portion of the kitchen sliding glass door.

Mr Pete Chua
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How did you find out about Planwork Creation?

– By relative’s recommendation

What was the reason that you chose us?

– Person attended to us was sincere, thoughtful and was able to clear our doubts and concern.

– Able to provide us details explanation on the renovation progress.

What is your greatest concern before the renovation?

– Costs on house renovation as we are on tight budget.

What is the main problem you like to solve?

– Kitchen placement of shelving, cabinet, dishes rack, hoob and hob & etc.

Was price more important than service and quality?

– Both are important to us.

How is the overall result of the renovation?

– Overall satisfaction was 80/100.

Which part of the completed work you like most? 

– Both living and dining room as it was exactly identical from the 3D drawing that shown us before the renovation done.

What experience have you gain from this project?

– To monitor closely on the renovation progress to prevent hiccup along the way.

Would you recommend us to someone else? If yes, what will be the main reason?

– Yes. As the ID was someone who is responsible and considerate towards his project and clients.

Mr. Tan Kok Ken
Jurong West Street 61